Maison de repos Couillet

Marche-en Famenne , Belgium

Retirement homes are subject to very strict fire safety regulations. Timber façade cladding may not seem the most obvious choice, but thanks to the fire-retardant solutions for timber and panels from Lemahieu Fire Protection® more and more architects are deciding to use timber.

Architect: Etau Architects

Wood type: LDCwood® ThermoWood®  Pine

Durability class: 1

Year: 2019

Unique creation


Etau Architects used ThermoWood® pine from LDCwood for nursing home Couillet. It was treated with fire-retardant by Lemahieu Fire Protection® to achieve the required reaction to fire classification.


The combination of three different profiles creates a vertical interplay of lines on the façade.

IMG_1743_aangepast 4