Fire retardant treatment

Through the unique partnership between Lemahieu Group and Burnblock®, LDCwood® is able to offer ThermoWood® with a fully certified fire retardant performance. The fire retardant product, Burnblock® , is a sustainable solution with 100% natural ingredients and is Cradle-to-Cradle Gold-certifiedTM.

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The Burnblock® treatment under vacuum pressure is second to none:   


  1. The ecological aspect: Burnblock® is 100% natural and biodegradable.   
  2. The reaction to fire class obtained by vacuum/pressure impregnation, B-s1,d0, also meets the requirements for indoor applications.     
  3. The treatment takes place on the same premises as the ThermoWood® process.   
  4. We offer CE-certified solutions.


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Pre-graying is used to mimic the natural graying process of wood immediately after installation. This results in a facade cladding with uniform colour shades, even on surfaces not exposed to UV light. 

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Brushing the wood grains adds to the natural character of the wood. In this process, the bristles remove more of the sapwood, while the harder late wood remains, leaving a rough bold texture.

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Wood has a lot of small pores, in which dirt can accumulate. Thermally treated wood is no exception. Applying a water-based coating allows the surface to be sealed, so dirt is less likely to accumulate and the wood is also easier to clean. Also, the influence of UV light is a lot less present, preventing the aging from progressing. 

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To counteract the aging of thermally treated wood, the application of an oil on a regular basis can be helpful. Think of it as sunscreen: by coating the wood and providing a buffer layer, the natural discolouration of thermally modified wood driven by UV light can be slowed down over time.

Rough sawn ThermoWood®

Rough saw

Our LDCwood® ThermoWood® is also available as rough sawn timber. 

Custom made

Custom made

Custom made profiles offer architects the freedom to create whatever they have in mind for their design, thanks to our very own grinding shop. Explore our wood species to find a match with your design.  

Interested in LDCwood® ThermoWood®? Contact our exclusive distributor for United Kingdom.

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