Frequently asked questions

About LDCwood®

LDCwood® is a joint venture dedicated to the thermal modification of wood, and emerged from the shared vision of wood experts Lemahieu Group and Decolvenaere.


LDCwood® ThermoWood®’s production in its facility in Ostend, Belgium. This location features 6 Jartek ThermoWood® kilns, numerous Weinig moulders, resaws, multirips, an autoclave for Burnblock® fire retardant treatment, vacuum wrapping and a complete tooling room for made to order patterns and products.

About ThermoWood® and the production process

ThermoWood® is a patented brand created by the International ThermoWood® Association. It specifies the natural preservation process to transform wood into a durable product.

The International ThermoWood® Association was founded in 2000. Today, there are sixteen members from eight countries.

The ThermoWood® trademark that specifies wood products manufactured via a process developed in Finland. Members disseminate the underlying production method to ensure the best guarantee for the quality of our various products.

Only the members of the International ThermoWood® Association have legal right to use the word ThermoWood® with thermally modified timber. ITWA logotype is an official quality control stamp of the association.